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Does Duplicate Content Affect SEO?

does duplicate content affects seo singaporeDuplicate content is a frequently debated issue in view of how SEO ranking of a website is affected. So does duplicate content “hurt” your SEO effort? We also encountered once in awhile the similar questions when we are working with our clients on Web Design and  SEO in Singapore. The answer is yes and no.

There are different kind of duplicate content:

  1. Reprints – a reprint is a replicated content/ article that is generally distributed on the internet (published on multiple websites), mostly used to generate back links to your site;
  2. Content Scraping – Taking content from one website and re-using it on another website with merely small change to its appearance (not to the content itself). This is a common tactic used by spammers, and is often a source of copyright infringement;
  3. Site-Mirroring – Keeping exact copies of your website in two or more different places on the internet. This type of duplication can lead to one or more (if not all) of your websites to be de-listed from a search engine. (note: the practice of site-mirroring was used as a “back-up plan” to avoid downtime when one website is down);
  4. Same-Website Duplication – Duplicate content in one single website. For instance, you may have a blog post appears at the same time on your front page/ landing page and blog archive page. This is considered one type of content duplication as well. Try not to put the same content across your site pages, and also to use a “post overview” (showing first few lines of your post) that links to the full article to avoid this type of duplication.

Of the 4 types of duplicate content, Content Scraping and Site-Mirroring are two that you MUST avoid using on your site, or your site will be de-listed from SERPs once detected. Reprints and Same-Website Duplication do not harm your site ranking much, but they won’t earn you points for SEO ranking either. Quick conclusion is that, always generate genuine content for your site, it won’t go wrong this way!

Quick guidelines for your content strategies:

  1. Originality. Do not duplicate, use original content whenever possible;
  2. Relevancy. Ensure all your content and links on your website are contextually relevant;
  3. Language. Use simple and clean sentences so that your users can easily understand your points. Try to avoid spelling and grammar errors. Also, try to use short sentences and paragraphs to keep your page clean for better user experience.

Reference: Search Engine Optimization Bible, Jerri L. Ledford

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