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XML Sitemap and Robots.txt

SEO insights: XML Sitemap and Robots.txt

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this may sound a little technical to you – XML Sitemap and Robots.txt. These are two of the important files that Search Engine Crawlers looks at when crawling your site for information. Watch the following video to learn more:

Quick summary on the points mentioned for effective SEO:

  1. Standard W3C Comply Code – Use W3C Validator to test your site;
  2. Make sure your site is FAST for better user experience! Test your site speed at Google PageSpeed Insight;
  3. Use Robots.txt to tell search engine crawlers what to crawl and what not to;
  4. Create XML Sitemap that displays all your pages and structure;
  5. Submit your XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool;
  6. Install Google Analytics right away to track your site traffic.

Hope this brief information would be helpful for your SEO effort! Cheers!


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