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SEO Strategy: Analyze Your Competitors!

SEO Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis is always at the top of the to-do-list for every Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort. It is as important as getting the SEO keywords or key phrases for your site ranking and in fact, you might be getting some keyword ideas by analyzing your competitors’ sites. Basically the idea is this: you see what your competitors are doing, you follow to do the same thing and come out with a better SEO strategy, do better than them and stand out in the competition!

What should you pay attention at when examining your competitors’ site? Following are some of the key SEO elements to take note of:

  • Site Rankings – For a particular keyword or phrase, examine closely only the first few sites (probably 3-5, or max. 10) that rank at the first page of SERPs.
  • Page Titles – What keywords do they use for their page titles? Are they keywords driven? Have you performed this key elements in your own site?
  • Meta Data – You can view the source code of a website by typing “” or simply selecting “view page source” from your web browser. Watch what meta data your competitors are using, and how do they phrase it? Then come back to your site and examine if you have done it right?
  • Content quality and quantity – Go through the pages and blogs on your competitors’ sites. For those appear at the top of SERPs, do they have quality contents? Do they include blog with regular content updates? Bear this is mind, always build your website for users, provide them with quality and useful information to refer to, and SEO ranking of your site will be a natural extension of that. Quality and fresh content is also a critical elements in SEO Maintenance.
  • Link Structures – Linking strategy is crucial in SEO. Analyze how your competitors are building links in their websites. Watch their internal and external links structure, you should be able to get some clue for your own links building. – SEO Singapore

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