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SEO Tips: Basic Internal and External Links

When we talk about organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you would have probably heard of the phrase “content is king!”. On the other hand, proper links building is just another SEO element that’s as important as the website content on your pages. Links can be internal, outgoing and incoming (backlinks) — and where those links lead or come from is as important as the context in which the links are provided.

First thing to avoid:

  • Don’t be a black-hat SEO user rushing to create “link farms“, i.e. pages full of nothing but web links that point to irrelevant topics of your website;

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Following are some of the important elements to be taken care of when you are building links for your SEO effort:


  • Your links must be related to the content of your page, and they must link to something relevant to that content;
  • The internal/ navigational links that lead visitors from one page to another on your website should be intuitive and natural in progression.


  • The balance of links that are included on your web pages is also critical. Too many links could be considered a link farm in the eye of search engine, and too few you’ll lose out to your competitors who have more & better-targeted links.
  • Your best option when including links on your website is to link to pages you are certain are relevant to your site content; Don’t include a link unless you are sure that it will have value to your site visitors.

User Sitemap

  • Creating a user sitemap not only helpful for crawlers to index pages of your site, but also for users to navigate their way around the website. How you design your sitemap is a matter of preference. Some sites contain sitemap of only the top two levels of pages, others contain three levels down or deeper. The important point to take note is, the sitemap is built for the convenience of your site visitors to browse and find information on your website.

We’ll discuss more in depth in future post on

  • How links affect SEO;
  • How links and linking work;
  • The basic of link building;
  • Using internal links and outbound links;
  • Link trading strategies;
  • Judging effectiveness of your links;
  • other SEO links related topics

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