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SEO Tips: XML Sitemap & User Sitemap

This will be a quick post explaining the difference of a XML sitemap and a User Sitemap, as we have frequently encountered similar inquiries on this topic when we provide service of SEO in Singapore.

What is a XML Sitemap?

It’s basically a document for search engines like Google to understand more about your web pages while crawling and indexing. Would XML sitemap help with your SEO effort? Certainly. Upon launching of your new site and at the beginning stage of your SEO campaign, you’ll have to submit your XML sitemap to Google Webmaster for Google to crawl and index your site. How to generate a XML sitemap? There are different ways of generating a XML sitemap, you may refer to the Sitemap Generator for more information. Or if you are using WordPress, you may install Google XML Sitemap plugin for the purpose.

What is a User Sitemap?

You may always heard SEO experts stress on “build your website for users rather than search engine”. We too emphasize on this when we conduct our Web Design Course in Singapore. A user Sitemap is basically a page that lists all the pages of your website, serving as a convenient navigation “tool” for your site visitors to easily find information that they are looking for. If a user could find the information in your site, he or she tends to stay longer in your site reading and looking for more information, and that will definitely lower your bounce rate and help with your SEO ranking. You may refer to our User Sitemap for reference.

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