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Understanding Keyword Research For SEO

Keyword Research is one of the core of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign. To make sure your website ranks, you first have to work out a (competitive) keyword list. Why? And how to go about it? Watch the interesting short video:


Following are some of the useful Keyword Suggestion Tools:

seo google adwords keyword planner
Google AdWords Keyword Tool

seo book keyword suggestion tool
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

wordtracker keyword suggestion tool


For beginners, you may create your first SEO keyword list from a variety of sources, including:

  • Your own knowledge of the products/ services that you are representing – You may know what would be the possible keywords/ key phrases that users may type in the search engine to reach your products/ services;
  • Your customers – Ask your customers what they’d think of if they were to search your products/ services online? Gather the information!
  • Your Competitor’s Website! – Find out what are the keywords used in your competitors’ websites, analyse them, create your own keyword list, and build them into your website!


Here are some of the basic guidelines that’d be useful for your keyword research:

  • Always think from the point of view of your customers/ potential customers. After all they are the ones who type in the keyword in search engine and reach you on the internet;
  • Think of relevant keywords or phrases other than your targeted SEO keywords;
  • Monitor your keywords to see which attract your target audience to click on your site. Do on-going keyword testing and don’t stop expanding your keyword list (and also take out those non-effective keywords);
  • Don’t always go for the most competitive keywords. Try to target those that are not the most competitive (and are not the least competitive either), these “middle range” keywords should produce good results without spending you so much time and budget in SEO/ SEM.

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