Social Media Marketing Singapore

What is Social Media Marketing?

social media marketing singaporeApart from Search Engine Optimization (SEO Singapore), Social Media Marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies to build your business’s online reputation, as well as to generate leads and sales. A Social Media is basically an engagement platform for you to reach out and build relationship with your target audience, potential & existing clients. The idea of Social Media Marketing is to leverage on the various available social media tools to build your online reputation, branding, and more importantly, to foster closer relationship with your target audiences! Few of the major social media that are intensively used by Singapore users are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.

Facebook Marketing Singapore

facebook marketing singaporeThe main objectives of the Facebook Marketing campaign are to increase market awareness, increase clients and referrals, as well as build online relationships by;

•  Building a fan base who have an interest in your products.
•  Assisting with ideas around special offers and promotional campaigns.
•  Generating website traffic and leads for the website.
•  Creating regular and unique content that keeps your brand in front of your target market.
•  Building engagement with your fans by encouraging two way conversations.

What is our Social Media Marketing Strategy?

If your social media marketing is strategically and systematically planned, you’ll be amazed by its ROI and effect! Let’s quickly go through an overview of how we can make your online social media marketing campaign a successful one. Generally we’ll walk through with you the following 4 phases:

  1. Analysis – Target Audience Identification/ Consumer Behavior Analysis/ Market Analysis/ Competition Analysis
  2. Communication – Goal Settings/ KPI/ Strategy Planning
  3. Network – Expand Users & Social Media Networking
  4. Conversion – Turn target audiences into customers!

Ready to kick start your Social Media Marketing in Singapore?

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