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Web Design Course Singapore – Beginner to Intermediate Level

Singapore Web Design CourseWe have conducted the latest Web Design Course in Singapore with a group of young and dynamic entrepreneurs. As the group has had some basic knowledge about WordPress development, so for this time round, we’ve explored into more advanced topics like how to create a mega menu, accordion, tab & tour functionalities, parallex and video background, as well as basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). [for total beginners, please refer to “Topics covered in Singapore Web Design Course“]

We have leverage on a drag-and-drop tool for page building, that’s a powerful tool for anyone (even total beginners with no technical background at all!) to create any structure or layout in their web page. Besides, we’ve also further discussed on some useful Plugins that can boost up the functionalities of a website.

Furthermore, we also did some sharing on free and premium resources to make web design works easier, for example WordPress Themes, Plugins, Coding Resources (, CSS References, Pixlr Free Design Tool, and so on.

We look forward to seeing you in our next session in December 2015! Cheers!

Singapore Web Design Training


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